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Headshot Photographer working in Washington DC, N. Virginia, Baltimore, Annapolis and the Central Maryland area.

Headshot Photographer, Pete Albert knows very well that a commercial headshot is a priceless first impressions that you’ll make on potential clients, employers, art or casting directors. Your Headshot should communicate what you want your viewers to think and feel about who you are and how that translates into value for them. Commercial headshot Photographer, Pete Albert has the experience, tools and experience to help you generate a first-rate commercial headshot on location in  Washington DC, N. Virginia, Baltimore, Annapolis and the Central Maryland areas.

More often, we do business with people we like and trust, making headshots critically, yet  subtly, different from a portrait in that way.

Rates for this service begin at $200 for a 30 minute business headshot session  yielding a comprehensively finished image that is delivered in both print and web file formats. Location sessions are calculated in half and whole-day rates to better accommodate  volume, logistics and time management.

Headshot Photographer working on location.

Pete is your resource for headshot photography, your Washington, DC headshot Photographer, Baltimore headshot Photographer and your Central Maryland Headshot Photographer. Pete is committed to cultivating relationships that will stand the test of time.

A minimum space of 12 X 15 ft. (most conference rooms) works well.

Pete Albert Photography is an accomplished commercial headshot photographer providing commercial headshot photography in the Washington DC, N. Virginia, Baltimore and the Central Maryland area.

In a web driven marketplace, great first impressions are vital to sales and branding. That’s especially true for the first impression created by a headshot when clients are searching  for a specific product or service. Cultivating trust is essential and a great headshot  should communicate that. For this reason, you need to locate a seasoned headshot  photographer in  the Central Maryland area to get that done. Pete Albert Photography is a leading resource for commercial headshot photography, producing headshots  on location in and around Washington DC for both his Corporate and business clients.

Pete is happy to work as your Baltimore headshot photographer. He is also an accomplished commercial headshot photographer in Washington, DC., Baltimore, Annapolis, Maryland and is committed to cultivating relationships that will stand the test of time.